Seamless Failover
Private WAN
Bonded Internet
Combine Multiple Connections
Combine multiple data connections into one super-charged service with a single public IP Address.
Ultra Network Resilience
SD-WAN makes your network ultra-resilient by seamlessly failing over if a link degrades or fails.
Turbo Data Acceleration
Feel the power of SD-WAN data acceleration boosting your network’s speed and performance.
Voice and Video Clarity
Ensure consistent delivery of important data from VoIP and other real-time apps with Quality of Service.

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The Future Of Network Connectivity is here.

Say goodbye to the hassle and high cost of maintaining old-school MPLS networks and let SD-WAN help you focus on doing what you do best; innovating and propelling your business ahead of the competition.

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Bandwidth Aggregation

Combine the bandwidth of multiple Internet connections into a single virtual connection. Single sessions are capable of using nearly all of the aggregated bandwidth, giving you fibre speeds at broadband prices.

Carrier Redundancy

Provide a fail-safe when an Internet connection suddenly degrades or drops. Combine ISPs to protect your customer from an ISP-wide outage. No dropped sessions.

End to End QoS

Deliver crystal-clear voice and crisp video over Internet connections. Add customisable, bi-directional QoS profiles to prioritise by class, size, or port number with the click of a button.

Private WAN

Transform multi-site customers’ networks into highly cost-effective, scalable, and secure private WANs. Privatise each network, build site-to-multi-site routing groups and centralise customers’ firewalls.

Site-to-site Encryption

Whether it’s Site-to-Site or Site-to-Multi-site, protect your customers’ data and secure all communications using DTLS in three cipher strengths – AES128, AES256, and Salsa20 – or add additional ciphers per your customer’s needs.

Bandwidth Acceleration

Apply acceleration to compressible data travelling over the connection for additional on-demand performance enhancements.

Use Cases

Diverse Carriers – Bonded

Single sites benefit from combining the bandwidth of multiple bonded connections from competing ISPs for a faster, more reliable experience.

Global WAN

Have one location to view all of your sites, zones, and regions – apply global WAN rules in seconds.

Experience Rich Media

Mix Voice and Data with Peace-of-Mind by applying traffic shaping over the Internet. Apply end-to-end, bi-directional Quality-handing rules to the applications that matter.

Private WAN Using Public Internet

Private IP addresses and Routing ensure your network is giving you peace of mind.
Eliminate threats and unify branches – all while containing customer WAN costs.

Seamless LTE Backup

Use an LTE in a seamless, fast-failover state to improve network resilience. Back up a primary circuit with LTE for an easy-to-deploy, always-on network.


Combine an unlimited number of ISPs, connections, and rules into one powerful WAN. Heterogeneous becomes Homogeneous with our technology.


Back-up your MPLS with a hybrid WAN solution. Incorporate low-cost broadband at each site.
Seamlessly extend rules, priorities, IPs and policies over LTE in the event of an MPLS outage.

Add Managed WAN Services

Increase value while decreasing complexity by adding complementary services onto the nodes.
Extend the technology to satisfy multiple customer requests and unique configurations.