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nbn is here: Connect to Australia’s broadband network

Service Quality

nbn™ through Telair is a step up from old-school ADSL technology, offering your business the ability to do so much more. Telair nbn™ plans are configured on nbn co’s nbn 25™ tier, with Boost packs available for those who need the extra throughput.

Included Data

Telair offers unlimited data to those who need it for serious “interneting”, streaming or other creative uses. Want to save even more per month? Tailor a specific data limit to suit your requirements; it will make your accountant happy.

Powered by nbn

Telair is an official Retail Service Provider of nbn™, which means you’ll get access to the state of the art fibre network that is being switched on in more and more locations Australia-wide.

Carrier Agnostic

Telair leverages different wholesale pricing from different nbn™ wholesale providers. This means you can pick the best plan cost and data inclusion that suits your requirements, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

nbn Technology Explained

Confused about the various ways in which nbn™ is connected? Look no further!

The technology type used for nbn™ connections will vary depending on location and when the network was switched on in that area. Telair unfortunately has no control over which type is used due to the underlying infrastructure in place.

Fibre to the premises (FTTP)

  • Population covered: ~25%
  • Theoretical Speeds: Up to 100Mbps, with 1Gbps coming later

Fibre to the Node/Basement (FTTN/FTTB)

  • Population covered: ~40%
  • Theoretical Speeds: Up to 100Mbps

Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial (HFC)

  • Population covered: ~27%
  • Theoretical Speeds: Up to 100Mbps

Fixed Wireless

  • Population covered: ~5%
  • Theoretical Speeds: Up to 50Mbps

Competitive Pricing

Check out Telair’s new nbn bundle plans below! These plans are only available when bundled with a Telair uPBX, MyCloud PBX or Business SIP service on a 36 month minimum term. Non-bundled pricing can be found on the Critical Information Summary below.

Starter Bundled
(on-net n25/10)

Unlimited Data



Minimum cost over 36 months: $2878.20. Pricing includes GST.

Jet Boost Bundled
(on-net n50)

Unlimited Data



Minimum cost over 36 months: $3238.20. Pricing includes GST.

Sonic Boost Bundled
(on-net n100)

Unlimited Data



Minimum cost over 36 months: $3598.20. Pricing includes GST.

A note about nbn speeds

Any speeds mentioned are only an indication of what you may experience on the service. Your speeds will be affected by factors including the technology over which services are delivered to your premises, network configuration and traffic management (particularly during peak periods when most people are online), the nbn powered plan you choose, the performance of your modem, Wi-Fi, cabling and other devices in your premises.

You will experience download speeds below 25Mbps on Starter, below 50Mbps on Jet Boost and below 100Mbps on Sonic Boost. Your speed will be particularly affected even further during peak usage times (on-net: 10am to 3pm, off-net: 7pm to 11pm).

For FTTN/FTTB services, actual speeds and Speed Boost eligibility will be confirmed following service activation. Sonic Boost is not available on nbn™ Fixed Wireless. Not all speeds greater than Starter are available at all premises.

Can I get nbn™?

See why these customers trust Telair

After Ed did the initial investigation of our requirement, he came back to us with his recommendations and we were shocked at the financial savings we would be making by moving to Telair, even though some of the connections that they used were Telstra lines.

Telair staff all have a great knowledge of the products that they are selling and are always happy to help if you have issues. Recently we also moved our mobile phone management to Telair so a complete service can be managed by a very professional organisation.

George Economous

IT Manager, Lincom Group

The Country Club has worked closely with Telair to ensure the successful connection of both phone and internet services for the brand new Clubhouse.

We are delighted with the excellent service and competitive pricing provided by Telair.

Greg Herring

President, Sanctuary Cove Country Club

Since switching providers to Telair we have seen huge savings on our monthly bills. We have now fully migrated our voice to a Hosted Voice PBX solution, and are very pleased with the savings and added functionality that this new system has provided us with.

If you are thinking about migrating to cloud telephony or are simply looking for a new provider, I would highly recommend speaking to Telair about their Hosted Voice PBX system and what they can do for you.

Douglas Murrell

IT Manager, State Mercantile

Find out more today

Contact Telair for a full service quote, Hosted PBX demo, or even just to say hi!

Things you should know...

1. All prices quoted include GST. 2. Total minimum commitment over the minimum contract term is dependant on the plan you choose, full pricing can be viewed on the Critical Information Summary for the specific plan. 3. Voice Bundle offer only available to customers who take up full service fixed line (including long distance and calls to mobile services) via the UNI-V port on NBN T-Plans (off-net) only. Voice Bundle is not available on NBN A-Plans (on-net). 4. Customer Service Guarantee – You agree to waive the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) when taking this service. If you do not choose not to waive your rights under the Customer Service Guarantee, we cannot provide you with this service. 5. Voice Plan is available using either the nbn™ Co UNI-V port (Analogue Voice) or via a UNI-D port using either the Home Network Gateway supplied by us (additional charge applies) or another approved device. 6. Analogue Voice is not available in Fixed Wireless areas, or with On-Net plans. 7. If you select the Voice service, it does not provide for continued telephone or data service operation in the event of a power failure or if the power is switched off at, or disconnected from, the power point. 8. Dishonoured direct debit payments may incur a charge. 9. Fair use policy applies to included call usage and Acceptable Usage Policy applies. 10. If you choose to cancel your service or it is disconnected for any reason within the minimum contract term, you will be charged an Early Termination Fee comprised of the minimum monthly commitment per service, multiplied by the remaining months in your contract, plus any relevant monthly hardware repayments. You must provide 30 days’ notice to us to disconnect a service. 11. We will deliver your service to the Network Boundary Point at your premises, which is defined as the physical port or ‘UNI’ on the nbn Network Termination or port on the Home Network Gateway if selected. The cabling that is required in your premises beyond the Network Boundary Point is your cost and responsibility, as is the provision of a suitable 240V AC power outlet. 12. You must obtain the consent of the property owner to have the nbn™ installation performed. 13. The installation will be performed during business hours, and you will need to be home to provide access for the installation technicians. If you select to take the Home Network Gateway and choose the Professional Installation option, a second appointment will be required. 14. A single static IP address is provided which may be changed due to technical and operational reasons by providing 30 days notice. 15. Speeds are theoretical maximum speeds. Actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including but not limited to, network configuration, line quality & length, customer premises interference, traffic, hardware and software. 16. Data Allowance each month includes both Upload and Download traffic for that billing period and quota not used in a month is not carried forward to the next month. 1 Gigabyte = 1024 Megabytes. 17. If you have chosen a shaped plan, once you have reached your usage allowance, the speed of your service will slow to 256kbps. 18. If you have chosen an unshaped plan, excess data used will be charged at $2.50 per GB in 1 Megabyte Increments. 19. Priority Assistance is not available with this service.

nbn™, nbn™ co and other nbn™ logos and brands are trade marks of nbn co limited and used under licence.

Emergency Call Service Acknowledgement

Due to limitations on the current interface between VoIP and Hosted Voice services and the Emergency Call System 000 number, making calls to the emergency 000 number is not guaranteed to be available from VoIP or Hosted Voice services. Please ensure you have access to the emergency 000 number via an alternative mobile or fixed landline number in the event of an emergency.

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