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Considerations for your
Business and Office phone system

Phone systems can have a major impact on your business. When you rely on phones to contact customers, make sales and communicate internally, it’s important to choose the right system.

View the important factors below for more information.

1. The Number of Users

The number of users is the major consideration in the cost of a business phone system. Hosted PBX solutions have the capability of servicing anywhere between 2 and thousands of users, so they’re flexible enough for any business.

In most cases, Hosted PBX phones are charged per user, per month. The more users, the more the system costs, although you may be able to access discounts for large-scale systems.

Larger businesses should also consider whether every single user needs their own line. For example, some departments (like reception or payroll) may only need a single phone line for a large number of users.

When determining the number of users and phone lines you need, you should also think about internal communication. While one department may be able to share a single line for external calls, this could limit interaction between staff.

The cost-efficiency of Hosted PBX systems means it’s often beneficial to increase the number of users and support internal communication as this reduces the need for third-party platforms (such as messaging or video conferencing apps).

2. Included Features

Business phone systems can be optioned with incredibly powerful features. However, not every business needs every feature, so you can manage your spend by limiting the tools you use.

Telair’s Hosted PBX packages can provide features such as call forwarding and hold, automated routing, auto attendants, hold music, conference calling, directories, voice mail, messaging, video conferencing and more.

You can control your spend by being judicious about which add-on services you use. Keep in mind that some of these features can reduce costs in other areas. For instance, using built-in messaging and video conferencing features eliminates the need for third-party programs.

When deciding which features to include, audit your entire communication stack and look for areas where you can reduce overlap by opting for an all-in-one phone system.

3. Existing Phones

Hosted business phone systems have no hardware requirements. However, many businesses still rely on desktop handsets when making calls. This can have a major impact on your budget.

Business handsets range from $50 to $500 per unit, depending on their features and connectivity. This represents a major cost when designing a business phone system.

The good news is that Telair’s Hosted PBX plans are compatible with your existing handsets. If you have traditional phones, VoIP phones, smartphones or other hardware, our system is compatible. If you have no existing hardware or if you want to upgrade, you’ll need to factor that into your budget.

4. Hosted PBX vs On-Premises PBX Systems

Private Branch Exchange phone systems are flexible and scalable. The only major choice is deciding between on-premises PBX and a third-party Hosted PBX system.

On-premises PBX phone systems involve designing, hosting and managing your phone system on internal servers. This is a costly and complex process, but it offers the greatest control over the system.

Choosing this option means incurring significant upfront costs as well as ongoing management, maintenance and upgrade expenses.

Hosted PBX phone systems are provided by a third-party supplier like Telair. We design, host and manage your phone system on our servers, and your business accesses its phone lines via the cloud. Opting for Hosted PBX means no setup fees and no ongoing maintenance or upgrade fees.

5. Installation Costs

The final budgeting factor is the cost of hardware installation. Telair’s Hosted PBX solutions have no hardware requirements. For small to medium businesses, this typically means there are little to no installation costs. Larger businesses may attract setup charges due to the complexity of the system.

If you want to maintain legacy equipment, such as landlines or a traditional PBX, your business phone system will require additional hardware.

This will increase setup and installation costs. These expenses are a one-off occurrence and are a cost-effective alternative when compared to replacing legacy hardware all at once.

Easy to Manage

Telair phone systems are simple to manage. Access all your settings through an easy to use portal and make changes whenever you need to.

Plug & Play

Don’t get stuck having to configure a handset. Telair Office Phone Systems are Plug & Play, so handsets will auto-provision from the Telair Cloud.

nbn™ Ready

Keep your team moving with a phone system that works seamlessly when switching plans or upgrading to a brand new, super fast nbn™ service.

A Complete Picture

Telair phone systems include graphical reports that put the competition to shame, with real time analytics to help you manage your business.


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Powerful Call Reporting

Having your Office Phone System connected to the internet is convenient, and with Telair you’ll have powerful reporting data at your fingertips. Telair’s Hosted PBX phones provide a wealth of information you can use to manage your business. Whether you’re looking for raw data or detailed graphs, our systems deliver information that can optimise the way you work.


Abandoned Calls


Average Call Length


Average Ring Time


Biggest Talker

Calls Per Extension

Total Call Count

Call reporting data can be viewed directly from the Dashboard of your phone system. Your Dashboard drills deep into system and user performance, providing data and graphical reports that offer insight into response rates, call times and user behaviour.

Combined with live dashboard widgets, these reporting functions allow you to view critical information in real-time. This provides minute-to-minute accountability and gives you the freedom to design a reporting system that optimises your workload.