nbn® Enterprise Ethernet

Unlimited Data

Telair NBN Enterprise Ethernet
Enterprise Grade SLAs

Service Quality

Telair NBN Enterprise Ethernet features 99.95% availability for extra peace of mind, so you can rest assured connectivity to your mission-critical applications will remain stable.
Direct Fibre
NBN Enterprise Ethernet gives you full end-to end fibre direct to your site ($0 install available*), meaning you never have to worry about inadequate copper technology types.
Enterprise Grade

Unlike standard nbn™, NBN Enterprise Ethernet includes a Premium-12 Service Assurance next business day fault restoration commitment, with additional options for more critical connections.

Highly Scalable
Choose between three Classes of Service to determine you bandwidth quality, and scale from 50Mbps all the way up to 1Gbps as your business grows.

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2. Get your results

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NBN Enterprise Ethernet Is Here

NBN Enterprise Ethernet brings you stability and speed when you need it most. Don’t rely on consumer grade nbn™ for your mission critical business tasks, trust Telair NBN Enterprise Ethernet to get the job done.

What do you get?

  • 99.95% service availability commitment
  • True enterprise grade connectivity
  • Flexible – choose your desired Class of Service and symmetrical speed
  • Scalable – move to a higher speed and/or Class of Service as your business grows
  • Resilient – Premium-12 Service Assurance restoration commitment included, with additional options for mission critical services
  • Cost-effective – don’t pay more for less
  • Handed off via Ethernet so you don’t need to worry about speed issues with copper-based technology types

How does NBN Enterprise Ethernet compare to standard nbn?

NBN Enterprise Ethernet blows standard nbn™ out of the water with its super-fast speeds, enterprise-grade stability, and it is built for business users. You also get much less bandwidth contention, or even none at all depending on the Class of Service chosen, as your service will connect to nbn co’s dedicated Enterprise Ethernet network. Plus you’ll be spoiled for choice with bandwidth increments ranging from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps symmetrical.

Who can get Ethernet over NBN?

ABN holders who are located in nbn co’s Enterprise Ethernet network footprint with connectivity to an nbn co Fibre Access Node (FAN).

If your location is not serviceable by NBN Enterprise Ethernet, why not enquire about one of our other business grade data service types? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Do you only offer unlimited data?

We believe the internet should be experienced without limits and expensive bill shock. But if you still want the stability of enterprise grade nbn™ but don’t need much data, ask for a tailored quote today.


Getting Started

Can I get this service?

nbn Enterprise Ethernet is available to ABN holders who are located in nbn co’s network footprint with connectivity to an nbn co Fibre Access Node (FAN).

If your location is not serviceable by nbn Enterprise Ethernet, why not enquire about one of our other business grade data service types? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Please contact Telair and we will qualify your address and provide a quotation.

Will I be charged if I request a service qualification?

Nope! Our initial service qualification will be performed remotely, and won’t cost you anything.

Ok - the service is qualified, how do I sign up?
Once the service is qualified and you want to move ahead with your nbn Enterprise Ethernet connection, contact Telair and we will initiate the process. After your service application is accepted by Telair, our Service Delivery team will keep you informed throughout each stage of the process.

The Service

Are speeds guaranteed?

The answer to this question depends on the Class of Service you elect to purchase.

Classes of Service
nbn Enterprise Ethernet comes with the choice of three Classes of Service (CoS), these are explained below.

Low CoS (100% EIR):
Speeds include best effort contention and are not guaranteed. This is best for Web Browsing, File Transfer, E-Commerce and E-mail.

Medium CoS (1 CIR : 3 EIR ratio):
25% of the total bandwidth is guaranteed. The remaining bandwidth includes best effort contention and is not guaranteed. This is best for Interactive video, Financial/trading, and Database synchronisation.

High CoS (100% CIR):
Speeds are guaranteed to the network boundary point. This is best for VOIP/Hosted Voice and interactive video.

A general note about speeds:
Speeds can be affected by factors such as, but not limited to; network utilisation and congestion, your equipment, the remote party you’re accessing, and fibre transmission overheads. For High CoS, network utilisation and congestion is not a factor as this CoS provides guaranteed speeds to the NTD with a 1:1 Contention Ratio.

CIR = Committed Information Rate (i.e, how much of the bandwidth is guaranteed).
EIR = Exchange Information Rate (i.e, how much of the bandwidth is provided as best effort and is not guaranteed).

What is the Uptime Guarantee SLA?
nbn Enterprise Ethernet services provided by Telair come with a 99.95% Uptime Commitment. This means that we assure the service will be up a percentage of the time. If we don’t meet this level for a particular month, we compensate you. Please note that planned network maintenance is not included in this commitment.
What's included?

  • An enterprise-grade NBN Enterprise Ethernet connection with Unlimited data
  • 99.95 % uptime service availability commitment
  • Premium-12 Service Assurance target
  • The choice to add-on better Service Assurance target commitments for those who really need it

Required Customer Equipment

Included Network Terminating Device (NTD)

When an nbn Enterprise Ethernet service is delivered, a Network Terminating Device (or NTD) is installed at the customer site, with the handoff point being the nbn co NTD. The NTD will act as the Fibre Internet gateway and will be installed in a secure location, such as the rack in your communications room.

nbn co will configure the NTD to work with your service and all you need to do is connect your existing network into the NTD via a router or Layer 2/Layer 3 network switch.

Other required equipment
You will need to use a separate router to ensure the service is used with maximum efficiency. Contact us for pricing or buy through your preferred supplier.

If using a router, you will need to re-configure the router with the new service details.

Other Information

Important considerations
Important things to note:

  • Customers must recontract should they relocate their service
  • Not all modems/routers will work with NBN EE – Telair will provide the required Network Terminating Device as part of the included basic install process, handed off via Ethernet into the customer’s rack
  • This service is only available with a 36 month minimum contract term
  • NBN Battery backup is not supplied with this service
  • NBN EE pricing will vary accordingly with regards to chosen speed and CoS, in addition to the Zone and Service Class in which the serviceable location is classified

Order Withdrawal Fees
If you withdraw your order prior to the associated service completion advice being issued by Telair, the following order withdrawal fees will apply:

  • If we haven’t yet accepted the order = $0
  • If NBN Co accepted the order but did not undertake any build activities as a precursor to offering and supplying the withdrawn service = ETF x 40%
  • If NBN Co accepted the order and undertook any build activities as a precursor to offering and supplying the withdrawn service = ETF x 85%
  • If the physical build is complete and Telair receives service completion advice from the carrier = Full Early Termination Fee (ETF)

Relocation & Service Change Fees

  • Relocations of NBN EE Services are POA
  • Service changes (excluding bandwidth and/or premium assurance option upgrades) attract a charge of $350
  • Service changes requiring labour and materials are POA
I have a question that isn't listed here or need help
Please give us a call on 1300 996 890 or email sales@telair.com.au and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions.