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Why Telair?

Carrier Agnostic

Telair is carrier agnostic. This means we can tailor a solution that suits your requirements, selecting from a choice of the four major Tier 1 and 2 carrier networks – Telstra, AAPT, Vocus, Optus, Cirrus or BigAir.

Business Grade

Feel confident with the knowledge that all Telair Data & Ethernet services are highly stable and perform excellently. Telair Ethernet services are also business grade, meaning we’ll guarantee specific uptime levels for each Ethernet service type.

Unlimited Data

Telair offers unlimited data to those who need it for serious “interneting”, streaming or other creative uses. Want to save even more per month? Tailor a specific data limit to suit your requirements; it will make your accountant happy.

  • DSL – Up to 24 Mbps – Not Guaranteed
  • NBN – Up to 100 Mbps – Not Guaranteed
  • Copper Ethernet – Up to 80 Mbps – Guaranteed
  • Wireless Ethernet – Up to 1,000 Mbps – Guaranteed
  • Fibre Ethernet – Up to 10,000 Mbps – Guaranteed

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