Virtual Fax

Ditch The Fax
Keep Your Number
Send/Receive Via Email
Keep your existing fax number
Whether it’s a 1300, 1800 or standard Australian landline number, Virtual Fax works with them all.
Easily relocatable to other offices
Hate moving? So do we. Never worry about changing your fax number again when you relocate to another office.
Send and receive faxes via email
Boost your productivity by sending and receiving faxes via email.
Ditch your fax machine
The best feature? You can finally ditch the fax machine and never worry about paper, ink and maintenance again.


Bundled with Telair Hosted PBX

Unlimited Faxes

Minimum cost over 24 months: $456


Unlimited Faxes

Minimum cost over 24 months: $696

Future-proof your business

Virtual Fax eliminates the need for conventional fax requirements: extra phone lines, fax machines, fax modems and fax servers, as well as consumables including paper, toner, ink and drums.

You can now send and receive your faxes from any location you have access to your email account – home, work or on the road!

Unlimited Faxes

That’s right, Telair Virtual Fax includes unlimited outbound and inbound faxes, all for one low monthly price.

Super Simple

Telair Virtual Fax is super simple to setup and use. All you need is an active email address, and we’ll handle the rest!

Would you like a phone number with that?

Telair Virtual Fax includes a 10 digit virtual national number at no extra cost for those who don’t wish to bring over their existing number. In addition to this, we’ll even let you choose the state area code you prefer so faxes look like they’re coming from your local area.
Things you should know...
General Terms

1. All pricing quoted is inclusive of GST.
2. The Service is available to approved ABN Holders only.
3. One (1) new Fixed National Number (FNN) is included for use with the Service. Porting charges apply if transferring your existing FNN to us for use with the Service.
4. The minimum monthly charge applies only to the Virtual Fax Service itself. Additional products (for example, but not limited to: Inbound 13/1300/1800 services or the underlying Internet connection) are sold separately.
5. The Early Termination Fee (ETF) for the Service is calculated as the plan’s minimum monthly charge, multiplied by the months remaining in the contract term, plus any hardware subsidy amounts received and any remaining unbilled charges.
6. Minimum costs over term: Virtual Fax – Hosted PBX Bundle: 24 months: $456, 36 months: $684; Virtual Fax – Standalone: 24 months: $696, 36 months: $1044.
7. The Service is offered in accordance with the Standard Form of Agreement which is available on our website.
8. Fair Use Policy applies.