Wireless Ethernet Internet Plans

Unlimited Data

Business Grade SLAs
Guaranteed Speeds
Service Quality
Rest assured that with Business Wireless Ethernet, speeds are guaranteed – even in harsh weather!
Rapid Deployment
Need a business grade connection up and running quickly? Business Wireless Ethernet can be connected in weeks, not months.
Guaranteed Uptime
Feel confident knowing that Telair Business Wireless Ethernet is business grade, meaning we’ll throw in a 99.95% uptime commitment for your peace of mind.
High Availability
Can’t get a land-based connection, or just need a redundant wireless failover solution? Business Wireless Ethernet is perfect for you!


Telair has a variety of speeds and minimum term options to choose from. An example of our off-net Wireless Ethernet pricing, based on a 36 month term with guaranteed speeds is shown below. Pricing is GST Exclusive.

100Mbps / 100Mbps

Unlimited Data +
Guaranteed Speeds

Minimum cost over 36 months: $15,084 +GST

500Mbps / 500Mbps

Unlimited Data +
Guaranteed Speeds

Minimum cost over 36 months: $32,364 +GST.

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Make your business soar

Telair Wireless Ethernet will propel you to new heights with high quality speeds and business grade uptime levels.

Guaranteed Speeds

That’s right, Telair Wireless Ethernet gives you guaranteed speeds ranging from 1 to 1000Mbps.

We won't rain on your parade

Telair Wireless Ethernet is true business grade, even in severe thunderstorms!

Service where other carriers can't go

Telair Wireless Ethernet is available in most Metro areas and in many major regional centres. It’s also useful as a backup service for extra redundancy in the event of flood, fire or a land-based internet service outage.

Required Customer Equipment

Included Network Equipment

We will provide the equipment required to connect the Wireless Ethernet service to your premises. This will include an antenna and a Network Terminating Device to facilitate handoff from the Fixed Wireless network via Ethernet port.

The Business Wireless Ethernet service also requires roof access to your premises for installation of the receiving antenna to a location in your office. If building management approval is required, installation may be delayed.


Router Options

You will need your own router with an available Ethernet WAN port to connect your own internal network to the equipment we provide. Telair can provide compatible routers at competitive rates, contact us for a quote. Recommended routers for use with Telair’s Wireless Ethernet services vary based on your required speeds, some examples are provided below.

Recommended Routers:
Mikrotik RB2011
Sophos XG range

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Enter your details so we can check if super-fast internet is available at your business.

2. Get your results

During this step, we’ll look at all of your available options to get you the best internet connection possible.

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Important Information

If you withdraw your order prior to the associated service completion advice being issued by Telair, the following order withdrawal fees will apply:

  • If we haven’t yet commenced logical build = $0
  • If we’ve completed logical build but haven’t yet commenced physical build = $POA
  • If we’ve commenced but haven’t yet completed physical build = $POA
Relocation fees relate to how we handle Early Termination Fees (ETFs) on a service cancelled as a result of a relocation:

  • Customers relocating a service must sign the service to a new contract term and pay the relevant new installation fee for the applicable contract term, minus $300. Any additional commercial works and/or elevated work platform costs are charge in addition.
Important things to note:

  • Target Service Delivery timeframe: Between 3 to 6 weeks, depending on building management approval and site access.
  • The service is available for single end-customer use only. It may not be used for the aggregation of multiple end-customers.
  • Wireless Ethernet is only available in limited areas. Your premises must be qualified by Telair before an order can proceed.
  • Service speed changes attract a charge of $330 each and can only be actioned once per month.
  • Service speed downgrades are not available during the minimum term.
  • Upgrades to higher speeds during the minimum term are available.
Things you should know...
General Terms

1. All prices quoted are exclusive of GST unless noted otherwise. 2. If you choose to cancel your service or it is disconnected for any reason within the Contract Term, you will be charged an Early Termination Fee comprised of your minimum monthly commitment as per your agreement with us, multiplied by the months remaining in your contract. You must provide 30 days’ written notice to us to disconnect a service. 3. Setup Charges quoted cover a standard service installation and termination only, during business hours. Additional charges may apply where the build cost incurs any additional charges from our supplier (these will be advised prior to commencement). 4. Business Wireless Ethernet plans are delivered using a Premium Grade of Service (GoS). Speeds using this Service Class are symmetrical and are considered guaranteed up to the network demarcation point, which is the Network Terminating Device. Speeds can be affected, within reason, by many factors such as, but not limited to; network utilisation, your equipment, software and internet traffic and Microwave/Fixed Wireless transmission overheads. 5. Single static IP address is included. Requests for additional IPs will be considered and where available, provided at additional cost. 6. Business Wireless Ethernet services have an uptime commitment of 99.95% and rebate calculated as 1 day of service access fee credited for each hour of network downtime over and above the guaranteed level. Network downtime does not include faults in the underlying service from the exchange to the customer premises or any faults in the customer’s own network. 7. Rebate must be claimed using our Standard Rebate Application Form within 3 months. 8. Rebate will be applied as a credit against your bill. 9. Maximum rebate available is the minimum monthly charge for the service. 10. Acceptable Usage Policy applies. 11. Relocation charges will be quoted at the time of delivery. 12. Relocations are subject to individual site qualification and subject to approval. Service modifications will attract a charge, to be quoted for your approval before we commence any modification request. 13. Default Interface Details: services less than 100Mbps will default to 100 Base TX and Services equal to or greater than 100Mbps will default to 1000 Base LX. 14. Withdrawal Charges: services withdrawn before order completion but after order acceptance will incur a service withdrawal charge to be quoted at time of withdrawal. 15. Premium Ethernet services come with Business support. 16. The minimum term will commence upon the later of i) when your application is accepted by us; or ii) when your services are connected. 17. Where multiple services are ordered, each service is subject to an individual agreement; failure to deliver a specific service does not null or void other service orders. Whilst we will attempt to order services so that all are connected as close as possible, we cannot guarantee when services are connected. As such, each individual service will commence billing from the time it is connected and deemed live by us. 18. As Ethernet service installation may require Infrastructure, including the building of network services to the customer premises, we cannot provide a committed date for installation. 19. We may charge a Fee for Service for: i) extra work carried out by us or our supplier that is not covered by any other charge in this agreement. ii) work requested by you and agreed to by us or our supplier, outside of business hours (other than responding to a fault). 20. We may charge an Incorrect Callout Fee or Fee for Service where a fault is lodged and: i) we or a supplier visit your premises and find no fault with the service. ii) we or a supplier visit your premises and a fault is deemed to be with your own network or equipment. iii) the technician cannot physically access your premises at the arranged time. 21. We retain ownership of any NTU installed for the purposes of connecting your service. 22. We will support any hardware purchased from and configured by us. Hardware not purchased from us will be supported at our best efforts, but is not guaranteed. 23. Managed Hardware Inclusions; Gold: Configuration, Helpdesk Support – Business Hours only, Manufacturer’s Warranty – Advanced Replacement (shipped next business day). Platinum: Configuration, Helpdesk Support (24 x 7), On-Site Replacement (next business day). 23. Promotional offers may be withdrawn at any time and for any reason Telair deems appropriate (this will not affect pending orders already accepted and submitted by Telair).