IP Voice

IP Voice is Telair’s business grade replacement for traditional analogue phone lines and ISDN services. Choose from a single line, or a multi-line SIP trunk. You can also pay for calls on top for the casual user, or chat till the cows come home with unlimited standard calls.

Why Telair IP Voice?

  • Business grade SIP/VoIP
  • Super low call rates and line rental
  • Works with your current IP enabled PBX
  • IP Voice Single Line works with UCme

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Phones, Evolved

IP Voice is a complete cloud based replacement for ISDN and analogue telephony, delivering business voice services over the internet.

Pristine Quality

IP Voice uses industry standard cutting-edge technology, including high-quality audio codecs. This ensures your calls have high-definition clarity, allowing you to hear more for less.

Benefit Now

IP Voice Multi-Line works with your current phone system, saving you money on calls while benefitting from not having to replace your existing devices. IP Voice Single Line is fully featured and works with most IP Phones and softphone clients.

Single or Multi?

IP Voice Single Line is designed to deliver voice services directly to an IP based handset, whereas IP Voice Multi-Line is designed to deliver voice services to a phone system or PBX via a business grade SIP Trunk.


Great, competitive pricing starts here.

IP Voice Single Line pricing below includes one line with one concurrent call. IP Voice Multi-Line SIP Trunk pricing below includes the two channel minimum with two concurrent calls. Each line or channel equals one concurrent call.

IP Voice Multi-Line SIP Trunks

IP Voice Single Line

*IP Voice Multi-Line: Price is per line or channel, with 2 lines minimum required. IP Voice Multi-Line Unlimited plans have tiered monthly fees which decrease the higher the number of lines connected and contract term chosen.

IP Voice is here

Here’s what you’ll get with IP Voice.

IP Voice Multi-Line

  • The ideal replacement for ISDN services
  • A single service providing voice to multiple handsets
  • Each service can support multiple numbers
  • Real-time call analytics

IP Voice Single Line

  • The ideal replacement for PSTN services
  • Each service supports a single handset
  • Each service is associated with a single real-world number
  • Real-time call analytics

What Can IP Voice Multi-Line Do?

IP Voice Multi-Line connects IP voice to your existing telephone systems. Your Multi-Line service can have several ‘Trunks’ which connect your PBX to Telair. You allocate the number of channels available on your Multi-Line and these can be used dynamically across all your trunks. The number of channels is the number of concurrent calls you can make. If you go over your channel limit Telair will still allow you to make and receive calls, ensuring you never miss a call.

What Can IP Voice Single Line Do?

IP Voice Single Line connections your handset to the cloud. Suitable for home or small business use, IP Voice Single Line is extremely easy to set up and configure. The service is scalable, allowing you to add lines to reflect business requirements.

IP Voice Single Line also supports the following features at no extra cost:

  • Line Hunt
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call ID Blocking
  • Message Bank
  • Voicemail to Email


Telair uses industry standard, SIP compliant infrastructure integrating seamlessly with all major IP phone platforms. Telair can optionally supply an ATA or ISDN TA devices to connect traditional ISDN or PSTN phone systems and handsets, extending the life of your existing investment.

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Things you should know...

General Terms

1. IP Voice (the Service) is an Internet telephony service delivered over a broadband Internet connection (not included), such as ADSL 2+, nbn™ or Copper/Fibre/Wireless Ethernet, charged at your applicable Internet plan rates. An Internet connection with a minimum of 100/100Kbps of available bandwidth per simultaneous call, with no packet loss, and a ping of less than 150 ms is required for the Service to work. The Service may not be supported by us should the underlying Internet connection not meet these minimum requirements. Data transmission demands on your network may cause the bandwidth available for voice transmission to be limited if voice and data share the same connection. The quality of the Service is subject to network and Internet congestion.

2. We recommend that the Service be accessed using a broadband ADSL 2+, nbn™ or Ethernet service supplied by us to our specifications.

3. Each IP Voice Single Line includes one Direct Indial (DID) Number. IP Voice Multi-line and IP Voice Unlimited require DID numbers, which can be purchased singularly or in blocks of 10 or 100 numbers.

4. Porting charge applies for customers wishing to retain their existing phone number, priced on application.

5. Standard Call types included in IP Voice Single Line Unlimited and IP Voice Multi-Line Unlimited (Standalone) Plans: Local Calls, National Calls, Calls to Australian Mobiles, and Calls to 13/1300 numbers. Calls to 13/1300 numbers are not included in IP Voice Multi-Line Unlimited Bundle plans. All other call types, such as (but not limited to) calls to international numbers, premium numbers and directory assistance, are excluded from IP Voice Single Line Unlimited and IP Voice Multi-Line Unlimited Plans. Excluded calls are charged in addition to the Monthly Access Fee. Timed calls are billed in 60 second increments.

6. Your fax machine, EFTPOS, back to base alarm and other non-standard services may work over Telair’s IP Voice network, however we cannot guarantee that these services will function faultlessly. Please contact your manufacturer/provider to check compatibility with SIP Voice.

7. Early Termination Fee: if you choose to cancel your service or it is disconnected for any reason within the minimum contract term, you will be charged an Early Termination Fee (ETF) comprised of your Minimum Monthly Charge as per your agreement with us, multiplied by the months remaining in your contract, in addition to any required hardware\device\software etc repayment fees. Each ETF is based on the standard full rate of the minimum monthly charges, promotional discounts received are not factored into this calculation.

8. Contract terms of 24, 36, 48 and 60 months available. Setup Fees – IP Voice Single Line Standard and Unlimited: $50 Setup Fee applies on 24 month terms, free on 36 month terms; IP Voice Multi-Line Standard and Unlimited (Standalone) $150 Setup Fee applies on 24 month terms, free on 36 month terms. IP Voice Multi-Line Unlimited (Bundled): No Setup Fee applies on 24 month or higher terms. The minimum total commitment payable depends on the plan you choose: Minimum cost over minimum term: ((Monthly Line Fee x Number of Lines) x Contract Term) + $50 or $150 Setup if applicable – please check the relevant Critical Information Summary for exact figures. Promotional discounts are not factored into this calculation.

9. You will be responsible for device installation, including any associated cabling and configuration of your network and associated hardware devices on the network, required in order for the Service to work.

10. Minimum of 1 Line required for IP Voice Single Line, 2 Channels for IP Voice Multi-Line.

11. Fair Use Policy applies. High volume telemarketing is prohibited with IP/SIP Voice Unlimited Plans.

12. Priority Assistance is not available on the Service. The Service may not be appropriate if you or another user have a disability, serious illness or other life threatening condition which requires an uninterrupted phone line with access to 000 emergency services.

13. IP Voice Multi-Line Unlimited Bundle Plan requirements: This plan is only available when bundled with an authorised Telair Ethernet Data service (excludes Ethernet First Mile) that has been purchased with a minimum contract term of 24 months or higher. This plan can be attached to an existing Ethernet Data service if the Ethernet Data service is re-contracting, or this plan can be sold in tandem with a brand new Ethernet Data service. This IP Voice plan will be attached to the applicable Ethernet Data plan. As such, should the Ethernet Data plan be disconnected or terminated for any reason, pricing on this IP Voice plan will revert
to Telair’s standard non-bundled or Standalone pricing listed on www.telair.com.au/ip-voice.

14. Information and pricing was correct at time of printing. All prices include GST unless noted otherwise. nbn™, nbn™ co and other nbn™ logos and brands are trademarks of nbn co limited and used under licence.

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