Ethernet over NBN

Unlimited Data

Business Grade SLAs
Better Speeds

Service Quality

Telair Ethernet over NBN feature 99.5% availability for extra peace of mind, so you can rest assured connectivity to your mission-critical applications will remain stable.

Ethernet Handoff
Ethernet over NBN is handed off via Ethernet into your rack, using a high-quality Telair Network Terminating Device.
Business Grade

Unlike standard nbn™, Ethernet over NBN features optional next business day fault restoration commitments, or sooner for more mission-critical services.

Less Congestion

Don’t like sharing? Neither do we. Telair Ethernet over NBN is less contended (25:1) than standard nbn™, which means you’ll share less of your bandwidth with others.


Telair Ethernet over NBN features simple pricing, in addition to free basic setup. Compare plans below!


Unlimited Data
+ 12 Hour SLA

Minimum cost over 36 months: $6,444.


Unlimited Data
+ 12 Hour SLA

Minimum cost over 36 months: $7,164.

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Business Grade NBN Is Here

Ethernet over NBN brings you stability and speed when you need it most. Don’t rely on consumer grade nbn™ for your mission critical business tasks, trust Telair Ethernet over NBN to get the job done.

What do you get?

  • 99.5% service availability commitment
  • True business grade
  • Flexible – choose your desired traffic class
  • Scalable – move to NBN Enterprise Ethernet when your business is ready
  • Resilient – Optional target restoration commitment addons
  • Cost-effective – don’t pay more for less
  • Works everywhere nbn™ (FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC & HFC) works

How does Ethernet over NBN compare to standard nbn?

Ethernet over NBN blows standard nbn™ out of the water with its business-grade stability, and its focus on business use. We also include a 12 Hour Fault Restoration SLA for your peace of mind, but you can upgrade this as suited to your requirements.

Who can get Ethernet over NBN?

ABN holders who are located in nbn co’s network footprint, who are connectable via nbn FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC or HFC. Fixed Wireless and Satellite are unfortunately not compatible with Ethernet over NBN. If you’re in an incompatible area, why not enquire about one of our other business grade data service types? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Do you only offer unlimited data?

We believe the internet should be experienced without limits and expensive bill shock. But if you still want the stability of business grade nbn™ but don’t need much data, ask for a tailored quote today.



  • A business-grade Ethernet over NBN (EoNBN) connection with Unlimited data
  • 99.5% uptime service availability commitment
  • 12 Hour service restoration target SLA
  • The choice to add-on better service restoration target commitments for those who really need it
If you withdraw your order prior to the associated service completion advice being issued by Telair, the following order withdrawal fees will apply:

  • If we haven’t yet accepted the order = $0
  • If we’ve accepted the order but haven’t completed logical build = $750
  • If we’ve commenced physical build but haven’t yet completed physical build = $1,500
  • If the physical build is complete and Telair receives service completion advice from the carrier = Full Early Termination Fee (ETF)
  • Relocations within the same building are $500
  • Relocations to a new building incur a $1000 charge, except those occurring in the last 6 months of the existing contract term, in which case no relocation charge will apply.
  • All Relocations require recontracting of the service.
  • Relocations may be subject to Subsequent Install Fees and the Government’s New Developments Surcharge.
Important things to note:

  • Customers must recontract should they relocate their service
  • Not all modems/routers will work with EoNBN – Telair will provide the required Network Terminating Device as part of the included basic install process, handed off via Ethernet into the customer’s rack
  • NBN Traffic Class 2 (TC2) means a symmetric, committed information rate (CIR) speed designed for real-time, interactive multimedia applications.
  • NBN Traffic Class 4 (TC4) means an asymmetric, best-effort, peak information rate (PIR) speed designed for “best effort” applications. Services over EoNBN Access using NBN traffic class 4 do not have a guaranteed speed or throughput. Performance can vary dependant on numerous factors including the NTD, level of traffic within the customer’s local area at the time of use, user equipment and the source of data.
  • Available only to ABN holders on FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC and HFC technology types
  • Change requests do not attract additional charges
  • Service is only available with a 36 month minimum contract term
  • NBN Battery backup is not supplied with this service
  • Free install included (excludes Subsequent Install Fees or the Government’s New Development Surcharge, if applicable)

Included Network Terminating Device

When an Ethernet over NBN service is delivered, a Network Terminating Device (or NTD) is installed at the customer site, with the handoff point being the Telair NTD. The NTD will act as the Fibre Internet gateway and will be installed in a secure location, such as the rack in your communications room.

We will configure the NTD to work with your service and all you need to do is connect your existing network into the NTD via a router or Layer 2/Layer 3 network switch.


Router Options

You will need to use a separate router to ensure the service is used with maximum efficiency. Contact us for pricing or buy through your preferred supplier.

If using a router, you will need to re-configure the router with the new service details.