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Hard Blocking Scam Calls For Your Safety

Feb 12, 2024 | Consumer Advice

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12 February 2024

We’re here with an important update that’s all about making sure your calls stay secure and scam-free. Telstra is introducing a new system called “hard blocking” for calls that aren’t on a special pre-approved list. Starting from 19 February 2024, they’ll begin with mobile numbers, and geographical numbers will follow suit at a later date yet to be announced.

Key Takeaway

Telstra is rolling out a “hard blocking” system starting 19 February 2024, aimed at preventing fraudulent and scam calls by only allowing pre-approved Telstra mobile numbers, with plans to include geographical numbers later. Telair customers are encouraged to reach out if they need their numbers whitelisted, ensuring their operations remain unaffected.

In simpler terms, if a call comes from a Telstra mobile number that hasn’t been given the green light, it’ll be blocked. But don’t worry, if you’re a Telair customer with numbers that are legitimate and need to be on that whitelist, we’ve got your back.

We’ve been in talks with Telstra to make sure there’s a smooth process for adding your numbers to this whitelist, bypassing the need for callers to jump through hoops. This has been up and running since March 2023.

Also, for a bit of context, Telstra has been using a system where calls from certain numbers needed a quick button press to continue. This was to weed out the fraudulent calls. They’ve been applying this on a temporary basis for some numbers with unusual calling patterns, but only for a short time, unless those patterns keep up.

Right now, we can’t add non-Telstra numbers to the whitelist, but we’re keen to keep those scams at bay while making sure you can keep making calls without any problems.

We’re staying on top of this and will keep you in the loop with any new info from Telstra.

Got questions? Here’s a quick FAQ rundown:

Can I keep adding numbers to the whitelist?
Absolutely, if you’re a Telair customer with the rights to use a Telstra number, we can add it to the list.

What if my number is already whitelisted?
Then you’re all set, and these changes won’t affect you.

Can I add non-Telstra numbers to the list?
At the moment, it’s just Telstra numbers that can be added.

What about call diversions and roaming?
No stress, there’s no change to how these work.

And emergency calls?
They’ll go through as usual, without any extra steps.


What Are The Next Steps?

If you’re a Telair customer and your Telstra numbers need to be on that whitelist, or if you’ve got more questions, please reach out via email to service@telair.com.au. Make sure to list your numbers in the format 61xxxxxxxxx, and we’ll take it from there.

We know how vital it is to keep your calls clear and your operations running smoothly. If you need any help or more info, our team is here for you.